fish-bowlWhen we learn something new, we bring all of our past experiences, teachers, beliefs and limitations to the table.  This is demonstrated perfectly in a book called Fish is Fish (Lionni 1970).  In the book a fish wants to what it is like out in the real world – on land.  Since the fish can’t breathe out of water, he makes friends with a tadpole.  Soon the tadpole was big enough to go onto land.  A couple of days later he comes back and describes to the fish all the details about the real world.  He goes into descriptions about what an elephant and birds look and sound like- and the book shows pictures of a fish with a trunk and a fish with wings. 

If you are new to chiropractic or never been to an upper cervical chiropractor be very careful about what preconceived notions and prior learning you are bringing to the table.  Have an open mind.  Health really does come from the inside out – your body really can heal itself – your nerves really do run everything.   To learn more about what upper cervical means to me look here, or here, or even here.