Today is AIDS Awareness Day.  Most people know that there is a huge crisis occuring throughout the world in the way that AIDs is affecting more people than ever before.  The picture above is a pictoral map showing how AIDS affects various countries, and the degree at which it does. Here are some stats to keep in mind:

  • 33 Million people living with AIDS
  • 2 Million children living with AIDS
  • 25 Million people have died of AIDs since 1981
  • Africa has 11.6 Million AIDS orphans
  • Women account for over 50% of people living with HIV worldwide

These are absolutely crazy numbers, and as you start to prepare yourself for the Holiday Season don’t forget that there are people out there that are a little less fortunate than you.  So take a few minutes to think about what you could do, today, to support some of those people. 

There are 100’s if not 1000’s of organizations that are stepping up this season to make a difference.  If you have an organization you are already a part of, great. Make another donation or service today.  If you are looking for an organization to be a part of, consider this one: Children’s Medical Mission West.  It’s a great organization that I have been a part of for several years, and the woman that runs it has a true heart for helping children. 

One less gift this Christmas season can go a long way for someone else.  What are you willing to give up to help someone else?