I just got done watching the Women’s 2008 Olympic Marathon, and what an amazing race.  The winner was Constantina Tomescu who finished it in 2:26:44.  Yes, that’s between 5 and 6 minute/ mile for an entire marathon.  How amazing is that?!  What is it about the Olympics that has been keeping me up late to watch them every night this week, and definately every night next week as track and field goes into full throttle? 

For many, it’s the pride of watching and supporting the USA. For some, it’s the beauty and excitement of watching the the fastest in the world.  Yet for most, I think it’s the inspiration, motivation and hope that those athletes give us.  Most of them are not professionals getting paid millions of dollars a year to do what they do.  Most of them are every day people working at Home Depot and dedicating their lives to training and racing.

I have a feeling that a lot of you will come away after the Olympics excited to get back into the routine and maybe even try to take it to the next level.  Here are some tips to get you started again or step it up.

  1.  Vision Board- create a board with inspiring pictures that represent your goals and what you want to look like.
  2. Train with a partner or a group.  There are a lot of good groups in the area. I know Footzone in Redmond is in the process of ramping up their running group on Tuesday nights. (That’s the group I train with.)
  3. Cross Train- Incorporate a new type of cross-training, whether it’s hiking, swimming, or rowing.
  4. Don’t just run the heck of it- set a fun goal.  If you just exercise because you have to is not setting yourself up for success.
  5. Incorporate point-to-point runs into your schedule.  Have a friend or family member drop you off 10 or 15 miles out and you have to run home. 
  6. Reward yourself!  Allow yourself that Coldstone Icecream only after you do your workouts for the week.
  7. Get a plan- whether it’s a 1/2 marathon or a triathlon.  Find a program that fits your schedule and your goals.
  8. Accessorize-try some new methods like Heartzone Training or time training. (Run 10 minutes, walk 1 minute.)
  9. Do a destination race- pick a fun place either local or exotic to motivate you to look good and have fun when you get there.
  10. ___________________________

I left the last one blank so you can comment below and let the rest of us how you get motivated to keep on keeping on.

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