I saw this great inspirational video on Zenhabits this afternoon and felt prompted put my running spin on it. I apologize that it is a little cheesy, but the message rings lound and clear.

We have all experienced that little voice in our heads telling us how much it hurts, how you want to stop, or how much you have to poo. What do you do with that voice? Will Smith is absolutely right about that voice. What you do to that voice as you run tells the story of your life. I know that in my own life if I am conquering that voice as I run, I am conquering all aspects of my life. The exact opposite is true as well. I’ve also found that the real beauty in life at the point where you own that voice, but rather the process itself that it takes to get there.

If injuries are the cause of that evil voice in your head, check out the gait analysis link above to get that taken care of.

Leave some comments about what you do to conquer that voice.