Hoping to get lucky with your health?

Hoping to get lucky with your health?

A recent article in the Journal of Behavioral Decision Making describes why the majority of low-income people spend a large portion of their money on lottery tickets.  Emily Haisley, the lead author explains, “The hope of getting out of poverty encourages people to continue to buy tickets, even though their chances of stumbling upon a life-changing windfall are nearly impossibly slim and buying lottery tickets in fact exacerbates the very poverty that purchasers are hoping to escape.”

How many people do the same thing with their health?  Whether it’s buying magnetic jewerly, drinking a crazy concoction, or popping that “magic” pill – you’re ‘hoping’ that it will take care of pain or problem you’re dealing with.  What if there was a different kind of Hope?

That Hope is coming to the Redmond area soon.  Stay tuned for what that Hope means for you!!

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