Summertime always bring out the big debate about running outside in the nice weather or to stick with the trusty treadmill that has been there for you all winter.  Both have their advantages,,, and if you are even thinking about this problem, it is a good thing because you’re doing something.

The treadmill is nice because it’s convenient and it’s automatic.  You can watch the news, look at your favorite gossip magazine, or listen to some Tony Robbins on your ipod.  Treadmills can also be beneficial if you are working on pacing because you can set the pace and let it lead you.

I’m more of a run outside type of guy.  Pushing your own pace and facing the elements does more for confidence than you can imagine.  Also, setting your own pace preps you for any races you might be doing during summer months.  ALSO, you may get a little extra sunshine that seems to be endangered species around the Seattle area.

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